Big Data on Azure tutorials and scenario

Microsoft released couple of the tutorials helping understanding the HADOOP and HADOOP on Azure. There was also some interesting information published covering typical scenarios, like storage of the structured and unstructured data, as well as extraction of the BI information.

Hadoop on Windows Azure – Working With Data

Big Data Scenarios

Enjoy reading!


SQL Server SSIS Balanced Data Distributor for SQL Server 2012

From the description  on download center:

“Microsoft® SSIS Balanced Data Distributor (BDD) is a new SSIS transform. This transform takes a single input and distributes the incoming rows to one or more outputs uniformly via multithreading. The transform takes one pipeline buffer worth of rows at a time and moves it to the next output in a round robin fashion. It’s balanced and synchronous so if one of the downstream transforms or destinations is slower than the others, the rest of the pipeline will stall so this transform works best if all of the outputs have identical transforms and destinations. The intention of BDD is to improve performance via multi-threading. Several characteristics of the scenarios BDD applies to: 1) the destinations would be uniform, or at least be of the same type. 2) the input is faster than the output, for example, reading from flat file to OleDB. “

Download Center

I am going to try it. Looks very promising.