Using SSIS in Azure solutions

We finished work on those papers some time before beginning of the 2013, however I just found time to refer to them from my blog.

Here we go:

Tips Tricks and Best Practices: SSIS Operational and Tuning Guide


SSIS Tips Tricks and Best Practices: SSIS for Azure and Hybrid Data Movement

Enjoy reading 🙂


The conference season!

It looks to be a great tradition of running SQL events once the vacation season is over, people coming back from the vacation and trying to get up to the speed.

European SQL CAT team ( and I as the part of this team) will be speaking at some of the conferences on different subjects, covering SQL in the Cloud, ETL tuning and the ROLAP solutions.

My schedule looks as following:

19-21 September: SQL U Summit Bratislava. I never been to Bratislava, looking forward to meet and learn more about this city and people there!

24-25 September: SQLTuneIn in Zagreb. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces there!

1-3 October: SQL RALLY Nordic. Another great conference, looking forward meeting a lot of old friends there.

Nice schedule, but looks like I will not have much time for visiting Oktoberfest this year Улыбка

Let’s get started…


I was thinking how can I introduce my blog and couldn’t find anything better than to steal part of speaker Bio, when I am invited to present something:

Alexei has been with Microsoft since 10+ years. He has started with SQL Server collecting globalization requirements from European countries during the version SQL Server 2005 development. Since about 4 years a member of European part of the SQL Customer Advisory team. He is focusing on large scale Data Warehouses such as well-known European Telecommunication Organizations, on architecture principles which are well reflected in the Fast Track reference Architecture guide. Has published articles on different database topics. Alexei has graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute

As it is clearly stated above, my main focus is on anything related to the large SQL Data Warehouses, right now I am also trying to get up to speed with the Microsoft distribution of the HADOOP.
What am I going to post here? I think I will be focusing on the subjects where I found myself ‘it could be helpful if it was somewhere documented’. Actually, a lot of people prefer different type of how the information should be delivered to them. I hope my way of showing things could find its audience.